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Discovery package (Top 3)

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Discovery package (Top 3)

Tickling by
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Top 3 of the best videos of 2022 at a reduced price!

  1. Scooby tickled by Proxi (feet & Body)

Scooby is terribly ticklish

His friend Proxi knows his weak points perfectly.

Scooby will not hesitate to insult him regularly and he will bitterly regret it.

  1. Bastlyon - Tickling Session 2

Bastlyon and his cute laugh returns in a new series of experiences, notably with the toe clip and the terrible Hog Tie. He will not be able to escape and will suffer unceremoniously tickling.

  1. Haruka - Tickling Session

Following his first video in 2011, Haraku returns 10 years later for a new foot tickling video.

He is still extremely sensitive and will be in all his senses.

He will undergo this torture with two new instruments among others: a brushing brush, and a nail brush. Axel by Hadashi is environmentally conscious and would like to point out that its new instruments are made from recycled plastic and bamboo materials. Enjoy!

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