Maxime - Archive Pack 2010 (7 vidéos)

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Maxime returns in an archive pack dating from the year 2010. This is a presentation video of his feet, there is only one tickling video.

Find his 7 emblematic mini videos:

1. Casting (2mn33s) Maxime's first step. His feet are dirty...

2. In the grass (4mn22s) Maxime rests in the grass and takes his shoes off...

3. Moment in the stairwell (3mn) - Maxime goes up the stairs and his feet get dirty...

4. Tickling Session! (3mn11s) One of my first tickling videos

5. Smell or not Smell - (2mn46s) Maxime takes his shoes off and smells them He takes off his socks and smells them! Surprise !

6. Painted Walls (3mn52s) Maxime paints his apartment

7. Footprint Paint (4mn27s) Maxime has unfortunately stepped into the paint and has to wash his feet...

For a total duration of 24mn27s

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Maxime - Archive Pack 2010 (7 vidéos)

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